Sit on the deck of your treehouse rental or climb a tree, at EarthJOY

3 Tree house rentals, Schoolie includes over 20 miles of themed trails on 285 acres, creeks, swings, &150 feet tunnel slides

Do you come Alive outside?

We dreamt of this space. Where you can explore for hours and have a tree house rental as your home.

Where time stands still

As YOU play together tree climbing, on the GIANT tunnel slides

A space that can invite play and wonder

And gradually ...timelessness can happen and perhaps you forget about the pressures of life

Tree house rentals in Kentucky- EarthJOY

A private slice of JOY where if you stay long enough you may move out of your head and into your heart. 

Add on a Tree Climbing Adventure

Guided tree climbing can be added on or booked on its own. We have other add ons like forest therapy, romance or bday party.